7 Types of Backlinks in SEO

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7 Types of Backlinks in SEO

Backlinks are wanted by everybody but only a few are able to achieve them. Every backlink does not have the same kind of effect and this is because of the site you are getting it from.

Backlinks are as important as content when it comes to SEO.

But Google says that not every backlink that you build is good. In fact, Google also says that backlinks of inferior quality may even lead to penalties imposed on you.

There are numerous types of backlinks that violate Google guidelines. However, you are smart enough, getting quality backlinks will be no problem to you. Good quality links will help you increase the organic traffic on your website, without having to take the risk of penalties and Google bad books.

Here are ­­7 types of backlinks in SEO that are totally safe to go for.

  1. Backlinks earned via Infographics –

As we all are well aware of, infographics have turned out to be a great a way of earning backlinks. There are many reasons as to why people engage more in infographics than text.

One of the most obvious reasons is that photos are conceived better by our brain than text. Secondly, a lot of information can be summed up with the aid of graphics and stats, increasing the dependency level.

As easy as it may sound, not every infographic will earn you the desired number of backlinks, or any at all in some cases. For an infographic to earn the kind of attention, it has to be reliable and stacked with information that is true and authentic.

2. Backlinks from Non-Profit & Donation Sites –

The path to getting backlinks from non-profit and donation sites is pretty straightforward.

All you have to do is go to their site and donate some fund, as per the reputation of the receiver’s site. Then within the course of a few days, you will find a backlink to your site.

However, some might not do it. In fact, some non-profit and donation sites will give you a backlink on you funding them. Now, the only work here is to find one such site.

3.Backlinks gained by Promoting Your Content –

Sometimes we tend to think that people will come to us and we will start receiving backlinks just like that. However, it is time to snap out of your fairy tale now.

That does not happen. You have to get out and publicise your best written articles and then hope to get some backlinks from websites and bloggers who share similar content as yours.

You cannot wait to be rescued, at least not in this case.

While we are at it, it is integral to remember that promoting only your best written content will do the needful.

4.Backlinks from Testimonials –

Imagine you are a brand selling a product. Now, wouldn’t you love it if your buyers flood you with positive reviews regarding the products they bought from you?

You can imply this strategy and get a few backlinks like this. You can write high-quality product or service reviews and send them to the owner of the site.

If they are okay with it, they will publish it on their website along with you backlink.

Note: getting backlinks from testimonials is totally white hat SEO.

5.Backlinks from Bloggers –

We are about to introduce you to your best friend in the industry – bloggers. You simply cannot turn your back to them.

Bloggers serve a lot of than just posting content from their perspective. They work in collaboration with companies and post content on their blogs from the company’s behalf.

Also, for this purpose, they need reference sites they can use to validate their content. You can be this reference site. Make good contact with bloggers who post content similar to your niche and they can get the boat sailing for you.

6. Backlinks from Influencers –

Though it might sound similar to many people, there is actually difference between the two.

While bloggers have followers, influencers have fans. Influencers are the people who have the ability to turn people towards your website if they wish.

In this case, you have to target influencers who operate in the same genre as yours. Build a repo with them and see the backlinks turn into followers.

7.Internal Links –

No SEO expert will ever deny the importance held by internal links. The benefits are endless.

For starters, you have complete control over internal links can have the power to decide when and where to put what.

Secondly, it acts like a tour guide for the people visiting your site and makes it easier for them to navigate through your website.

Final Word

Backlinks are an important aspect of promotion. The types of backlinks mentioned about is just a glimpse into the world of backlinks. There are hundreds of types of backlinks in seo which are mostly segregated into three umbrella terms:

  • Good backlinks
  • Bad backlinks
  • Worst backlinks

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