Ecommerce Website Development in PHP

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Ecommerce Website Development in PHP

Almost every second business you come across these days has a sound digital presence. For the newer and larger businesses that are more firmly dependent on the internet, they could be found on the internet in various forms such as having a website or a mobile app or a social media presence or simply all of them or in combinations. However, when we talk about smaller businesses that are not largely dependent on the digital platforms for their footfall, a simple social media account is enough.

There are so many different kinds of people and an equal number of variety of business. Selling through digital means has become the new in. since most people have started to prefer buying online, businesses can do nothing but resort to it as well.

If you are one such business that knows that selling offline will not be sufficient enough to give your business a long life span or you are an evolving business that cannot afford setting up an offline store, then getting a website developed for your business is your only escape. When compared to its counterpart, a mobile app, website is definitely a more feasible option.

PHP is the most sought after way of getting an ecommerce website developed. But before we get onto why you should be choosing PHP leaving aside all its counterparts, let us take a quick look at some of the benefits of having a website.

What is an ecommerce website?

When you make use of a website to sell products or services, then that website is called an ecommerce website. So basically doing commerce through electronic medium. There are products or services to choose from, a cart wherein the likes of the buyer can be put into, and a safe and secure payment gateway that allows the buyer to pay safely.

What are benefits of developing an ecommerce website?

Having an ecommerce website for your business can never be a bad idea. In this era, where most people have already turned towards online shopping for most of their needs such as grocery, clothing, medicines, and everything basic and not so basic, your business should go online too.

If selling through your ecommerce site is your primary goal, then you need to work hard to get it seen because the competition out there is cut throat. However, even if you do not entirely depend on digital means, having a way to showcase your products and services can never be wrong.

Here are some of the reasons why your business should definitely have an ecommerce website if you are into selling or lending business:

  1. Better Visibility –

Your website becomes a reliable medium for your target audience to come to you. With your ecommerce site, people will get to know about everything that you have to offer and will get it registered. If you deal in unique products, then they will more likely shop from you at the first go. Even if not, they will know where to find you.

  • Satisfied Customers –

A lot many people have already turned towards online shopping and more people than ever are following the suit. Thus, if you want your customers to be happy and satisfied with you, an ecommerce site is a must. They would be pleased to know that they can buy the same or different product from you whenever and wherever they want.

  • Detailed Information –

When a customer enters your shop, it become difficult for you to show everything you have. Similarly, some people get conscious if they try to see everything and aren’t getting the right kind of buying feeling for anything in particular.

With an ecommerce website, you will better be able to get through to such customers. They will at peace because they can go through all your products without feeling conscious and can spend as much as they like weighing on the buying options.

  • Personal Attention –

In most cases when a customer comes to your shop there are already people who are searching for products. Thus, your attention span to each of them is not as much as somebody would like. But with ecommerce site, everything a person would want to know about a product is already mentioned there.

  • Easy management –

An offline store can be pretty difficult to manage especially if you are all alone in the business. With a website, it becomes comparatively easier because all you have to do is put up products as and when you get new ones. Any sales will automatically get registered and then shipping is what you have to do.

All the stats are there to be seen by you.

Having discussed about what an ecommerce website is and how it helps in boosting business, let us get to the main question in sight.

What is PHP?

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is an HTML rooted scripting language used to augment static pages with the capability to produce on demand responses and have better working functionality. Thus, making PHP an exceptional tool for ecommerce websites.

Since static pages are longer being used by website owners, for the simple reason that buyers are not attracted towards them, dynamic pages are being developed and nothing is better at it than PHP.

Why should we promote ecommerce website development in PHP?

While it would be near to impossible to state out all the reasons to go with PHP for your ecommerce website development (because there are too many of them), we can try to bring upon the table the top most reasons why you should get hold of it.

  1. It is Great For Ecommerce –

If you looking forward to getting an exceptionally well working and out of the box kind of website for your business, then you should get grab of PHP soon. PHP offers many ecommerce specific solutions including Zen cart, Ubercart, and Magento, among others. All these features and plethora of options are here to provide you with ready-made, yet customizable solutions for all your brilliant and distinct website solutions. Coverage, scalability, and flexibility are the central terms associated with PHP.

  • It is Cost Efficient –

Since its very onset, PHP has been an open source language. Thus, it is free for anybody and everybody to make use of. Since it is a free language, the developer you will hire will not cost you a ton too, because they are also building your website with a free language, saving them the cost of subscription, expensive hosting, and debugging.

When compared to its biggest competitor i.e. ASO.NET, which by the way is not a language, it is a framework, PHP can be said to highly cost efficient.

  • Super Compatible –

PHP is an easy run and is compatible with the best and most widely used platforms such as UNIX, Linux, MacOS, and Microsoft. All major servers such as Microsoft IIS and Apache are also supported by PHP.

  • It is Scalable –

One of the important aspects of an ecommerce website development is its scalability. PHP has all the right tools to develop a site that is scalable enough to give the website good architecture. Using cloud infrastructure to have enough servers and have a NoSQL database is one way of scaling PHP. Security issues are best approached with this approach.

  • Plethora of Frameworks –

The one reason why developers love PHP so much is because of all the frameworks it offers. CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Laravel, Phalcon, PHPixie, Yii, and Zend are only some of the most loved PHP frameworks. Each of these frameworks offer a myriad of fucntions, modules, and tools making every website a true work of art and customized.

These frameworks offer recyclable and reusable codes which makes them truly famous among developers. Most of these frameworks come with many inbuilt functions that help in connecting to a database, debugging efficiently, handling calendars, and working with emails.

  • Amazing Speed –

Speed has always been one of PHP’s winning point. But since the time they have introduced PHP 7, it has become a benchmark which no other language can ever possibly even reach, let alone crossing. According to a recent study by Zend technologies, it has come around to be noted that a CMS runs twice as fast on PHP 7 than it does on PHP 5.6.  The memory consumption is less which has led to a significant drop in the average load time of the site, thus enhancing the speed.

  • Strong Documentation & Support –

Over the years, PHP has gathered a humongous gathering of people converting them into a helpful community of developers who are always there to help a fellow developer in time of need. This is definitely due to the popularity witnessed and lived by PHP.

An all-encompassing manual is available online which is full of resources and vital information, helping in the migration from one PHP version to another without having to blow your mind off.


PHP has been used to develop ecommerce website since years now. Carrying out your ecommerce website development in PHP cannot go wrong unless you are hiring a professional and reliable PHP developer.

Now that you know everything there is to know about ecommerce website, PHP, and the benefits of PHP, it is time to get the development process of your new ecommerce website rolling and start shopping.

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