For Mobile App Development


For Mobile App Development

According to the latest trends in the IT sector, the demands for mobile application developers and its excellence is increasing day by day. This has given rise to so many aspirants and beginners to give their career a jump start in this field of IT industry.  We are always amazed by looking at the improved interface, excellent appearance with functionalities of the tailored designs of the mobile applications nowadays. Now, how to gaze to know about the process and education related to mobile app development courses? Here it is,

Job responsibilities of a mobile app developer

The responsibilities of an Android/iOS mobile platform app developer and maintenance is to develop the considered app functionalities according to the demand of the products, completion of the design, code and testing of the application and providing technical support and succeeding updates.

One can easily become a beginner mobile application developer with the help of the following app development courses provided-

 Udemy, Udacity, edX, Simplilearn, Google developers training

Udemy is providing a variety of mobile app development courses and teaching opportunities for those who want to teach in the field of mobile app development and can learn the courses anytime. If you are thinking to set up your own career for giving knowledge about app development courses then you are most welcome. Teaching courses fee depends on the teachers ranging from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 5,00,000. Providing courses for web development, game development etc. for various requirements of the work. It will provide you the app development courses for different platforms of Android and iOS. Courses are also focused on providing deep knowledge about Java and advanced android features.

Udacity is a beneficial education association including video lectures and self-learning management system with social elements, forums, and built-in programming languages. They will make you that much self-learning efficient that you will be having your own work portfolio along with your resume after graduation. Knowledge of developing an android app successfully of your own certified by Google. edX is an open source non-profitable organization providing courses of app development for students worldwide, lessons taught by google APP development experts. Simplilearn provides a variety of online web development courses like programming, digital marketing, project management etc. suitable for beginners who can publish their apps developed on google play store. Training at Google developers will let you learn the certified course free of cost with exams to make you a genuine app developer.

Coursera, APP CODE, Treehouse, Code School, Raywenderlich

Coursera is a site by the professors Daphne and Andrew Ng, offering degrees in various fields of science have more than 2000 courses with 28 million registration of students. APP CODE teaches people to specialize in Swift and iOS programming with easy to understand techniques for aspirants keen to learn app development. Treehouse offers website designing, development, app development, game development for beginners taught by experts in the field.

Code School, an online learning medium providing courses for keen learners of mobile app development you will learn the course by using Android Studio with Java and learn to develop many essential features of creating your APP’s display data, layout, event listeners etc. Raywenderlich is crafted to provide learning programming for iOS and Android development, the course provided by it contains full knowledge of iOS development, guidance to novices for using swift to develop their own APPs.

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