Get Started in Web Development with Python

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Get Started in Web Development with Python

Python is known by most people as a comparatively easier language to understand and learn. There are many reasons behind this mindset. However, it is advised to use a framework to build a website rather than starting from the very basics.

A number of frameworks are a part of Python, all of which have certain pros as well as cons of their own. Of all of them, we have chosen three that have proved to be the most useful over the course of time.

Most Useful Frameworks of Python

  1. Django –

Aimed at developing large scale web applications, Django is the most commonly used and the most popular Python framework. It contains all the necessary features that one would need to develop and run a large sized application.

Django framework of Python lets you build some of the most interactive and comprehensive applications as the necessity of tasks such as authentication, database administration, templating, and routing are not required.

  1. Flask –

Flask falls into the territory of micro-frameworks as it is smaller compared to others in Python. Hence, it is best suited for the development of small scale web application.

Reliable and efficient web applications are build using Flask framework because of its in-built features such as unit testing and web development server.

  1. Pyramid –

Known as the most flexible framework in Python, Pyramid framework is used to build web applications ranging from mid to high level. A pluggable system is provided to the programmers which can be plugged in as per the requirements of the on-going project.

Why to Choose a Python Web Framework?

Building a web application from scratch can be time consuming and tiresome. Hence, the market is full of frameworks that allows you to make use of them to build a website for yourself.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a Python framework for website development:

  • Trusted & Used by Large Companies

Many popular and large companies like Dropbox, Instagram, Pinterest, and Bitbucket have made use of Python’s frameworks like Django and Pyramid in their web application development. Going by the size and the success status of the above mentioned companies, we can say that it will be safe to assume that these frameworks can handle whatsoever you throw at them.

  • Hides Complicated Low-Level Details

Web frameworks do a perfect job of hiding and handling all low-level complicated details so that as a developer you do have to work on every minor flaw.

  • Saves Your Time

Thousands of testing hours and hard work of multitude of developers have gone into the building of these frameworks. Building a web application on the top of the framework will only save your valuable time, especially if you are close to a deadline.

  • Guaranteed Security

The security of the website can be guaranteed if you are developing something on the previously available frameworks because, as mentioned above, thousands of hours and developers have been utilized into building them. This security, however, cannot be guaranteed if you develop something entirely on your own.

  • Scalable & Efficient System

Ensuring scalability is the base of a good framework. If you ever think about scaling your website mid-way, then it would become extremely tedious if you were developing something entirely from the scratch.

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