SEO company in Jaipur-Here Is Everything You Need to Know about Google AMP’s Effect on SEO

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SEO company in Jaipur-Here Is Everything You Need to Know about Google AMP’s Effect on SEO

What is Google AMP?

Google AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source HTML 5. Simply speaking, AMP is an uncomplicated form of code allowing web publishers create pages that load much faster, in a matter of seconds.

AMP is used to create mobile-optimized content which loads instantly irrespective of what device is being used. It includes all types of content such as text, images, and videos.

The core reason AMP is able to deliver content speedily is because its pages are cached. Also, the speed is powered by JavaScript.

How does Google AMP affect SEO?

Though no direct connection has ever been found between the two, the importance cannot be neglected. We all are aware that Google has always given faster loading pages a better ranking, which indirectly, makes AMP important.

The significance can be seen in the context when two sites have same ranking as per their SEO practices, however, the upper position will be grabbed by the one having better loading speed. Thus, role of AMP.

The role of AMP is to make content of any format readily available so that the user can indulge in it instantaneously. Hence, leaving the marketers with two vital questions which they should ask themselves:

  1. Is my website mobile-friendly?
  2. Does my website pass the speed test?

What are the Limitations of Google AMP?
The main purpose of Google AMP is make the content readily available to the users whenever the demand arises through increased speed and making it available on any device.

However, there are complications here too. Since AMP is grounded on HTML 5, any advanced coding on your website will not be supported by it. Thus, the coding of your page is restricted by AMP.

The AMP supplied JS must be used which, however, has limited do-ables.


AMP is still in its early stages and we are yet to see the full face of it. However, we believe that Google is sure to make changes to it to make more and more users benefit from AMP.

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