Laravel is a framework for PHP web development. It is a clean and classy framework that saves your time, effort and makes web development a joy. It helps in escaping from spaghetti codes and provide a platform to create wonderful applications using simple, expressive syntax. Laravel has jiggled the PHP community in a big way- especially version 1.0.

Laravel attempts to ease the common tasks such as authentication, routeing, sessions and caching to take the pain out of the development. It offers brilliant performance, many features and scalability due to which developers prefer Laravel over other frameworks. For large and vigorous applications it provides sturdy tools to the developers. It follows Model view controller which makes it more useful than PHP.

Apparently, Laravel is the only framework which beautifies the PHP code and makes the developers enjoy it instead of engrossing them with coding pain.

  1. The straightforward and easy-to-use approach to routeing.
  2. Powerful Unit-Testing.
  3. It also provides the feature of View composer which are the block of codes that can be run when a view is loaded.
  4. Application logic
  5. Automatic pagination.

Laravel is a promising framework having pronounced and bright future ahead which can only be attained in a very encouraging and faithful environment.

  • Model View Controller
  • Built in Features
  • Micro Framework
  • Easy to Site Upgrade
  • Easy Database Migration
  • Testing Solution
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