Privacy Policy

Company privacy policy

Compufy Info Solutions, the “company” has issued a data protection privacy policy or privacy notice to define how we take care of the personal information that a client provides us. We totally respect the privacy of our customers and are persistent to keep the information completely confidential following the law applied. This notice will let you know about the type of personal information we need about you in the process, why we need to know it and what rights you have in connection with that. If you have any queries and doubts about the privacy policy of our company, please feel free to contact us at the contact details mentioned here. 

  1. Information we need to accumulate

The company may require your basic information which is enough to recognize you as an individual, like your full name, contact information such as email and phone number in the intention of making any kind of business interaction with you. Usage of such basic personal information will be done only in case of providing information to you on your request, carrying business transactions and for other purposes which are stated in this announcement.

We can also accumulate your basic personal information from third parties indirectly, here third party can be our business partners or any other party which provides publicizing lists containing information.

We don’t need to partake delicate information like racial or cultural information, political opinions, spiritual, religious, philosophical views or trade union membership, Hereditary information, biometric information or information regarding health and sensual orientation.

The following information can be collected by us-

  • Name/ Job designation
  • Company/association
  • Phone numbers or email addresses
  • Interests/choices or postal code
  • Language(s) spoken
  • Information associated to customer reviews and proposals
  • IP address(es), record files or login data
  • Data sufficient for carrying business transactions on client’s behalf
  1. Need for accumulating personal information

2.1 Carrying out Business Transactions

We collect customer’s personal information with the help of worldwide IT structures containing tools and systems that help us to administer client accounts, orders and business communications.

Sharing of personal information is done with the related corporate companies and across company systems as defined in section 3.2.

2.2 Marketing/Subscriptions/Social Media

The personal information collected from you while you fill the forms on our website for the purpose of gaining knowledge or requesting product related information, webinars, downloads or certification, participating in company’s forums or customer community can be used in any of the following ways by us-

  • For providing you information about products and services given by us, alerts about products, new releases, updates and support services.
  • Taking permission from you to participate in any review, services, news or proceedings by us.
  • Accessing permission to you for any kind of product related downloads, accessing webinars or product demonstrations.
  • Get into participation in blogs or client support portals.
  • To accumulate demographic information for considering general user trends.
  • To agree with the laws & regulations and export controls.

Usage of personal information may be done by us in the intention of administrating the website for marketing purposes. Information related to a product which is relevant to your interest can be sent to you by us. Information regarding to any product updates, informational emails, advertising mails, sending you requests from time to time/ occasionally to participate in a phone survey or postal mail. 

Occasionally, we might provide proposals/offers for our customers and website visitors/users the prospect for taking participation in third party preferments, draws or other special events.

While you browse our website, you admit our dispensation of your personal information in this way-

Our company’s websites may contain links to other related websites, can contain chat rooms, forums, blogs, message boards or news groups accessible to you. Disclosure of any personal information by you in such areas mentioned above can be publicized. Exercising caution is recommended while you disclose such information. When you switch to other websites by using any links contained in our website, we are not responsible for safeguarding your privacy and personal information and other websites are not administered by our website’s privacy policy.

2.3 Lawful purposes

Using your personal information may be done when we find it necessary for complying law and order, where the legal rights of the company are to be defended.

  1. With whom we may Share Your Personal Information

3.1 With us, at Compufy Info Solutions

Access of your personal information can be given to the company’s workforces, servicers and managers. Use of your personal information by them will be limited to performing their duties only. Employees, contractors and agents are required to keep the information private and are granted no permission to use it for any other purpose except the company’s tasks. 

3.2 Business Partners

Without the prior permission of the customer or unless there comes a requirement of the country’s law, we can never vend, lease or reveal your personal information to any unaffiliated third parties. If in case, we access the permission to any third party for using your personal information for their business purposes, we will make sure that the information is used following the privacy policy of this notice and the privacy of your personal information is maintained strictly. We may disclose your personal information to the following third parties.

  • To the business parties as our partners for the purpose of services, support and products to the clienteles. If you are purchasing a product or using a service aided by third party, your information can be transferred by us to that third party for providing those products and services to you.
  • To the well affiliated and authorized third parties where disclosure is mandatory.
  • To the service providing parties which are providing services to us, we do this only according to the valid data privacy law.


3.3 On legalized Grounds

Disclosure of personal information to other parties can be done on the following legalized grounds-

  • Responding to any administrative or judicial process or for the compliance of any legal obligations/contract
  • To fulfill with our legal obligations, regulation or contract or to respond to an administrative/ judicial process.
  • To respond towards the national law enforcement/ national security of the nation.
  • If mandatory to guard against threatened condition or lawful hearings.
  • If it becomes necessary to safeguard the vital interest of another person.
  • In liking with the sale, project or other handovers of all or part of our business.
  • In connection with the sale, assignment or other transfer of all or part of our business.
  • By client consent.
  1. Clientele control over his/her personal information provided.

Customer can request for any kind of update, rectification or erasing of their personal information provided to us any time by sending us an e-mail at . We answer to all our client’s appeals who wish to exercise their rights of data safety according to the in-force laws of data protection. We may ask for your identity verification if you need to update or make modifications in your personal information provided to us, you need to collaborate with us in our process. 

  1. Retaining Data with us

The personal information of clients will be kept with us till the fulfillment of business processes or if there is a need of providing that information to satisfy any legal obligation.

  1. Data Safety

Ensuring safety of our clientele’s valuable information is a major consideration exercised by us at Compufy info solutions. We have successful implementations of all types of proper procedural, physical and organizational measures for safeguarding the information that we gather from the clientele for the meaning of avoiding unlawful entree or revelation.


  1. Privacy policy updates

The company holds the right, in decision for making any kind of changes in the privacy notice of this website or to any part of this website. We may make any changes when required in the existing privacy notice by updating it from time to time. You need to check the page here timely for being aware of any reforms made. This privacy policy is in effect from January 03, 2018. You agree to this privacy policy by continuing to practice company’s website and its services. 

  1. Contact Information

If you wish to make grievances regarding to the data handling or having any enquiries about to this privacy policy notice, you may contact us at: