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The third party links, references, fields, forms or content on is purely for the purpose of information, reference, and effective communication. All the information that Compufy Info Solutions collect from its clients is from the perspective of the business. Each piece of information collected by us is kept safe. In case any informative material is kept for future reference or use, then it is our responsibility to keep it confidential and safe.
  • Information that connects the website and you
  • Information related to the use of our site by you to better depict site analytics
  • Information collected to establish communication or perform business
Compufy Info Solutions reserves the right to change the above privacy policy any time as per our convenience without any prior notice. We are not bound to send any kind of notice to any party involved. Our policy is subject to changed and updates and the date of last update will be mentioned below for third party knowledge.
If you are in direct business with Compufy Info Solutions, we recommend you to visit the site at regular intervals.
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Privacy Policy
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