Ruling Mobile App Development Trends of 2019

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Ruling Mobile App Development Trends of 2019

2018 was an epic year in terms of technological advancements. As half of 2019 has passed, we would like to look back onto the technical advancements of this year as well.

This year has been a year of technical upliftment and betterment for everybody. The technological world seems to have a growing rate of its own, and it tends to be super-fast.

Here are a few trends which took their pilot steps last year and now are flying high, or are sure to as of the end of this year.

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The concept of artificial intelligence is not new and everybody knows about it, but as the progress of time, more sectors are keen on having this system integrated with human intelligence.

It is highly accurate and has the ability to capture events in real-time. This has led to its increased strides in manufacturing and medical fields.


  • Rising Blockchain Technology

Launched a few years ago, its true potential came to be seen in 2018, which led to its popularity. It has been anticipated to reach $20 billion by 2024.

It has reaped results for many investors and financial institutions especially in terms of assets.


  • Incorporation of Wearable Apps

Medical facilities made great use of wearable apps on everyday basis. Pulse rate and blood sugar levels are the vitals for which it has been used.

More sectors are eyeing these wearable apps for their benefit. After all, these wearable apps enhances style and allows the user to take notice of so many activities without resorting to other devices.


  • Upwelling of On-Demand Apps

There are uncountable on-demand apps as of now which provide products and services in short time spans. This trend is here to stay because who does not like getting things done and in-hand in no time.


  • Internet of Things

IoT has already entered many operations and sectors and is expected to further reach with its hands by the end of this year. Sectors such as that of e-commerce and education are also expected to go down with it.

It has enabled convenient and faster access to data within an organization.


  • Chatbots

Nothing is more comforting for the customer than to feel valued by the seller party. This has become achievable through chatbots which eliminates the human to human interaction for value based results.

It provides real-time interaction amongst the customers and service provider, without the latter actually being available.


The number of trends in this half a year has been remarkable and is only expected to soar further by the end of this month. The above mentioned are only six of the tons of trends which have reached, touched and changed people’s lives.

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