The Developing E-commerce Era

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The Developing E-commerce Era

The only thing that is constant is a dynamic society. The change in science and technology has led to greater turn of events in the past decade and the only thing that is to happen now is greater development with the advent of years. After all, this is the developing ecommerce era.

The coming of ecommerce has changed our shopping habits. The way we look for products, the way we find them, and the way we buy them has all seen a drastic change as ecommerce gained popularity. The younger generation can never go back to the traditional ways of shopping.

Thus, the developing ecommerce era has given traditional shopping a major hit. But attempts at mending the hit are on full swing. Owners of brick and mortar businesses have also taken the ecommerce turn.

Here are the most impactful ways in which the developing ecommerce era has changed in the last decade.

  • Online Marketplace –

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of shopping or sale? We are assuming that your mind must show pop ups of Myntra, FlipKart, or Amazon.

In reality, more people have turned towards online shopping than going out to the marketplace to get things. Even perishable things like groceries, fruits, and vegetables are being purchased online at a highly remarkable rate. Be it the seller who is looking for a portal to sell his products or a buyer who is looking to make purchases, ecommerce has become the new go-to.

Most of the credit for it goes to Amazon. It launched its ecommerce mobile site in 2001, having a far reaching vision.

Magento is another big player in the whole scenario. Magento is a content management system (CMS) used to develop ecommerce sites. Magento started doing the development as early as 2007. Even today, Magento is the most popular ecommerce platform and marks over 26.1% market of its own.

One of the things we dearly love is our mobile phone. Unlike our parents, we never forget our phones at home or are unaware of its whereabouts.

Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of us. Everything we do is somewhat in sync with our phones. This has especially been fuelled with the on boarding of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc. Millennial and Gen Z loves making use of theses social media platforms and is greatly influenced by it.

At such times, businesses have put these platforms to optimum utilization by using them for online and digital marketing. These social media sites have truly pushed the ecommerce era.

  • Mobile Friendly Shopping –

Correlational to the point above, people hardly ever sit in front of their laptops or computers to search for online products. In fact, we prefer to have this shopping facility on our phones.

Mobile friendly shopping is a sign of developing ecommerce era. People prefer to have websites and apps that work on their phone, rather than having to open their laptop.

The Future of Ecommerce –

Looks like eCommerce is all set to take over the world. People are going crazy over the new technological advancements that are getting better with every blink of the eye. Both the sellers as well as the buyers have started to resort to the eCommerce world and are looking forward to reap full fruits from it.

eCommerce website development in Jaipur

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