Types of Digital Marketing

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Types of Digital Marketing

Before we get on to the different types of digital marketing, it is valuable to know what digital marketing is and how it influences and benefits your business. But, since you are here, we are guessing you already have knowledge in those areas. Thus, we will not spend our time talking about the same things all over again.

So, let’s get onto the different types of digital marketing and why these individually are so important for your business.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the sharpest sword of digital marketing, when talking about non-paid or organic growth. The most effective way to grow your visibility and visitors is through optimum use of SEO practice.

SEO, in itself, is a wide umbrella term, acting as a roof to numerous mini terms underneath it. There are many types of SEO and many types of SEO links, which are separate discussion topics altogether.

Many marketers rely on SEO to grow and improve their business standing on search engines. This enhanced standing leads to better visibility and more conversions.

More than global search, local search is being made use of. More than 30% of total internet users indulge into local search, of which, more than two thirds end up in purchase.

Another new aspect of SEO has taken shape i.e. voice search. As the technology is getting better, the way searches take place is changing. More and more people have started to prefer searching through voice rather than typing. Approximately 20& of all Google’s search queries are voice generated.

Social Media

A social media presence has become a prerequisite for any business. Just like a website gives you a sense of authenticity, a social media presence makes you more trustable from the point of view of your clients or rather, potential clients.

The major social media sites to boost your business today are Facebook. Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.

A staggering 79% of the total internet users are on Facebook and not so surprisingly, India contributes the maximum number of Facebook users. Also, of all the FB users, 76% use Facebook every day and more than 74% make use of it for professional purposes.

Instagram has been in hype since a long time, almost since its very beginning. Many businesses have flourished with Instagram and are still continuing with it. Moreover, in 2018, Instagram came up with IGTV app that allows users to upload videos that are as long as one hour.

LinkedIn is a place for professionals. You will find people of all positions and multiple fields on LinkedIn. CEO’s who are on LinkedIn have an average of 950 connections.

Content Marketing

Can we ever say enough of ‘content is the king’? We guess not.

The most trusted method of inbound marketing by more than half of the marketers is content creation. For them, it is the best possible way to grab a user’s attention way before they have even though about it.

According to a stats, companies who publish more than 16 blogs per month witness a significantly higher ratio of traffic as compared to companies who post less than 10 blog posts.

Google, the world’s leading search engine is a big supporter of high quality and value adding content and thus, has rolled out many new updates that support sites who publish such content.

Email Marketing

Probably one of the earliest and more overused method of digital marketing. Email marketing lost its effectiveness due to its unmanaged overuse.

However, email marketing still stands as a strong means of digital marketing, especially with the ever better prospects such as inclusion of graphics and videos now.

The internet has over 5.5 billion active email accounts and more than 75 percent companies in the world make use of email marketing to showcase their products, services, company policies, and the latest news.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC ads or Pay Per Click is a method of promotion through internet marketing. The advertiser (or the business owner) pays a pre-determined fee every time their ads is clicked by someone irrespective of whether they make a sale of it or not.

PPC is a paid method of promotion as compared to SEO, which is an organic way of promotion.

It is mainly new businesses that take the aid of PPC ads to gain visibility as their SEO game is not strong yet. As a matter of fact, while some people knowingly avoid clicking on PPC ads (mostly who are aware of what PPC is), many go through sites as and when they appear on the search pages, irrespective of whether they are paid or organic. Thus, more than 60% of searchers click through PPC ads.

Video Marketing

The newest addition to the digital marketing family is video marketing. Though exactly not a new founding, video marketing, however, is the latest thruster.

Especially with the rise of popularity of YouTube and then more social streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, the inclination towards video influence has seen a hit. People prefer to watch a video rather than read the same amount of text to know more about the company, products or services.

Better access to the internet has proved to be an added advantage when talking about video marketing. People no longer have to wait for a video to buffer and play, the days are long gone.

By the way, have you noticed how big ecommerce brands like Amazon and Myntra have started using videos to showcase their products from all angles rather than upload dozens of pictures of the same?

Concluding Words

Digital marketing is facing the upward direction and there is no denying the fact. As more and more companies are resorting to the internet for a better business, more and more digital marketing services provider are popping up.

There are multiple ways of marketing in the digital world but not everything works for everyone and every business. Thus, see what works the best for you and stick to it, while experimenting with others.

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