Web Designing vs. Web Development

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Web Designing vs. Web Development

Web designing and web development are two different terms which are now being used interchangeably by many people. Many web design and development companies have started showcasing the two terms to their clients as having similar meaning. However, the truth is entirely different. The set of skills and knowledge required by a web designer and a web developer are entirely different.

Though they are required to work together in order to achieve what you call a website, the terms and jobs cannot be called upon as same.

We are about to tell you the respective work structure of both web designing and web development and by the time you finish reading the post, you will have a distinction in your head regarding the two terms.

A closer look at web designing

A web designer is responsible to make your website look good. They are the ones who focus on and design the style and the overall feel of the website with the help of software such as Photoshop.

These software help to customize the visual elements of the website. Code like CSS and HTML are made use of to create these designs. A web designer can be specialized or may be an all-rounder.

There are usually three categories of web designers you come across –

  • UX / User Experience Designer
  • UI / User Interface Designer
  • Visual Designer

A web designer is bound to follow some basic design principles and we have made a list describing a few of them:

  • Balance – Every aspect of a website requires a balance. This is applicable to the color of the text, the background color, the space, etc. All of these need to be in direct line with one another to give whole website a catchy and stay-able look.
  • Contrast – Colors that are in contrast to one another are placed side by side. The reason is obvious – monotone will bore out the audience. Adding a pop of colors has become essential because monotones are not liked by majority of the people.
  • Emphasis – Imagine trying to read a book that has 80% of its content highlighted. How would that be? You will be unable to make out the important part and the part that supports it. Hence, emphasizing the right things on the right page is important.
  • Consistency – The need for consistency is felt everywhere and a website is no different. It is the web designer’s responsibility to make sure every element of the website is consistent.
  • Unity – All of the above points had individual significance. However, each of them add up to form a united website front.

A closer look at web development

A web developer can also be called a programmer. The duty of the developer is to take the design created by the web designer and build a fully functional website of it. A web developer can make use of programming languages such as HTML, PHP or more advanced languages such CMS.

Each of these programming is jam packed with benefits of their own, while also having some minor drawbacks. The static text of the website can be turned into something more interactive such as sliders, video content, or pictures.

Similar to web designers, web developers also have specific roles to live play:

  • Back-end developer
  • Front-end developer
  • Full-stack developer


We hope this post has been able to clear out at least some part of the misunderstanding surrounding the difference between web designer and web developer.

If not, here is a last line of difference – think of web designer as an architect who plans how the structure of the house will look like and web developer as the person who will build the house on the basis of those site plans.

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