YII Framework

Yii Framework is one of the most celebrated apps development frameworks in the PHP. With Yii one can easily develop ingenious Web 2.0 applications using the high-performance facilities provided by the framework. A Yii Framework expertise finds you the mark of a conventional coder and gives you the sharp edge in field of PHP development.
Yii is stable and its components are reusable. This makes it a lean and agile framework that can be leveraged to design and develop applications that will make our client’s business more efficient and make them happy. The Model-View-Controller approach ensures a clear separation between the logic and presentation. The Yii framework is designed in a professional manner to generate clutter free code with reusable components.

MVC Architecture
Database Access Objects (DAO), Query Builder, Active Record
Form input Facility
AJAX-enabled widgets
Authentication and authorization
Skinning and theming
Web services
Internationalization (I18N) and localization (L10N)
Layered caching scheme
Error handling and logging
Unit and functionality testing
Automatic code generation
Purely object-oriented
Friendly with third-party code
Detailed documentation
Extension library
Custom Yii Website Development
Yii Web Application Development
Yii Framework Development
Enterprise Yii Development
Yii Website/Portal Upgradation
Yii Modules/Plugin Development
Yii Customization Solutions
Yii Maintenance and Support
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Easy to Install

Rapid Development

Highly Extensible

Easily Data Migration

Simplifies Security

Utilize Modern Technologies