Zend Framework

A lot of advancements have been made in the world of PHP Frameworks in the past few years. A solid content management framework gives you the basis for your own customization tailored to the unique requirements of the client.

Zend Framework is a fully object-oriented framework, and as such, it utilizes a lot of object-oriented (OO) concepts like inheritance and interfaces. This makes most, if not all, of ZF’s components extendable to some point. It allows developers to implement their own special variations of individual components without having to hack into the ZF codebase itself. Being able to customize ZF this way allows you to create functionality that is unique to your project, but because of its object-oriented nature, you’ll be able to use this functionality in other projects as well.

  • Zend is a free and open source framework, so web developers can use this technology easily, without getting worried about the charge.
  • The framework works very simply, thus developers do not need to work hard on this framework to make creative and pragmatic websites.
  • The range of productivity of Zend Framework is huge and vivid.
  • The architecture of this framework is highly flexible which allow the web developers to work more easily.
  • Zend framework always makes the job of web development easier that involves lots of complex technologies and methodologies.
  • This framework has all the secure cryptology and coding that you need to build a robust website.
  • A wide and renowned array of contributors that will make your job easier with assistance, guidance and suggestions.
  • This framework can be easily used with other frameworks as per your need.
  • Good for the web sites that have low or minimum budget.
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Zend framework
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